B-Class Electric Vehicle Price

As the Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive nears launch and production stages, Mercedes has announced pricing for the electric vehicle. Set to compete with the i3, Mercedes has priced the B-Class within mere hundreds of dollars to ensure price won’t affect peoples decisions to buy it over BMW’s electric city car.

2014 B-Class Electric Drive

United States Pricing

Announced in May 2014, the electric drive is set to arrive in Summer of 2014, and is priced within $100 of the BMW i3 electric vehicle. Base price is set at $41,450 and several very appealing options are available which drive the price up near the $50,000 mark (before tax incentives).

Pricing in Germany

Germany will be the first market in Europe to receive the Mercedes-Benz electric B-Class. Price including tax is €39,151. Through the Mercedes-Benz Bank, a 36 month lease is available for €399 a month with a one-off leasing payment of €8,473.31.

United Kingdom Pricing

The B-Class Electric Drive is expected to carry a price tag starting at £32,000 ($53,834 USD) in the UK. After the UK government’s £5000 plug-in vehicle grant, the price of the B-class Electric Drive could drop to around £27,000. That means the car will cost some £1320 more than the all-electric BMW i3

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