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Re: BMW i3 and Tesla S

Tue Jun 14, 2016 10:28 pm

I'd rank the cars you've listed in the same order. My wife and I were visiting a friend in Carlsbad two months ago, and while we were there we got to drive several EV's In order, here's how I'd rank what we drove:

1.) Tesla Model S
2.) Mercedes B250e
3.) Kia Soul EV
4.) Ford Focus Electric
5.) Nissan Leaf

The Model S P90D we tested was far & away the most impressive but for the price (I think it was $115K), it should be. It's also a really big car; BMW 7-series big. We liked the Soul EV, but couldn't get past it's goofy shape and it was about the same price as the more luxurious B250e. We quickly eliminated the Focus and Leaf...the Ford had zero cargo space, and we think the Leaf looks even more goofy than the Soul.

I suppose I'd rate the BMW above the Kia but we only sat in one and didn't drive it. I get the zen with the recycled materials that went into the interior and give props to BMW for building a lightweight EV, but it screamed "science project" to us. Also, BMW's are big dough to import into Canada because local dealers charge a "Canadian Conversion" fee of between $3000-5000. That involves installing a metric / kph cluster and smiling while they take your money. They do this to discourage buyers from importing less expensive BMW's from the US.

The Mercedes was the best fit for us, with the most (affordable) luxury and gotta love that Tesla powertrain. Overall, it was the best package. We ended up buying a 2014 B with 6700 miles on it with premium & multimedia packages. It will be shipped this week, should have it soon. Can't wait.

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Re: BMW i3 and Tesla S

Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:20 am

Hertz offered me a Tesla to drive this week as part of their DreamLine. I had to provide 5 forms of ID and was given the intro to car by the manager. Probably good idea since I had never driven one before. That being said, the controls are very similar to our MBe but the instrumentation is all on the touch screen.

I drove last night and in short trips, it felt like our MBe but more stable platform. Lots of extras like opening the car when the key is near it, stepping on brake to start without pushing any button to start, seemed quiet too.

Today, will be driving on the highway to SF and back. Not sure I can go into HOV lane as car does not have any required stickers.

Car has 2800 miles on it and am afraid of scratching the unit so will be very careful.

Update: It was a lipstick red Tesla S90 named "Santa's Sleigh". I put 250+ miles on it in 4 days, some highway, some local. I would say quieter than our MBe and more drive power. I hit the accelerator hard at 60 and it jumped to 85 fast. It is if you have seen a sedan cloaked as a sporty car so adults sat comfortably in the back. In the Controls, noted that this unit had three heated seats in the rear. A little troubling that everything is on the panel and if you are not familiar, you will take your eyes off the road to find the radio. We looked for the autodrive but discovered that this car did not have it or it was disabled. Smart since this is a rental car.

The manager inspected the car and found a black mark on the front right lower bumper. Filled out the forms and he said not unusual for a low slung car and it would likely be rubbed out. Will see what I get hit for.

Did the week test ride convince me to get one, NO. I like my MBe but that said, driving 250+ miles without a charge is something we do dream about.
Jeff in NYC
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BMW i3 and Tesla S

Fri Jan 18, 2019 8:36 am

Umm...that is crazy irresponsible. But no, not limited to just BMW. Knew a guy who likes to drift and would do it in the rain out on the street just every day driving. Dont care if hes good or knows what hes doing, I just think it should be on the tracks.

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Re: BMW i3 and Tesla S

Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:05 pm

I did a Chevy Bolt test drive and I have a Tesla Model X. Both the B and the Bolt will spin their wheels if you try to pull out too fast. The Tesla Model X cannot be made to spin it's wheels as near as I can tell. I guess partly due to the weight and that it's AWD (all S's and X's are now I think).

The seating position in the Model S and Model 3 is pretty low, too low for an old stiff guy like me. Same for the Chevy Volt hybrid. I'm really enjoying the B with it's high upright seating. Very much like the Model X, but the X is really huge. You notice it in parking or tight corners.

All eyes will be on the unveiling of the Tesla Model Y small SUV in March. That will be interesting. Mercedes is making new electric noises too, the GLB and GLC I think will have electric models.

But I must tell you, aside from the accidental wheel spinning the B compares very favorably to the Model X in front seat comfort and driver visibility is better, esp. to the rear.

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