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LUCID Air - High End BEV

Posted: Fri Apr 02, 2021 2:35 pm
by FordAnglia

We stopped at Shake Shack recently, its adjacent to a Shopping Mall that has gone "Up Scale" during the COVID shutdown, and boasts a lot of fancy expensive stores (and the biggest Apple Store I've seen), anyway...

There's a LUCID car showroom in the mall, complete with a LUCID Air vehicle. This thing is amazing! We weren't permitted to sit in the vehicle (COVID rules)

Max Horse power up to 1080 (B250e is 177)
Projected Range in miles 517 (B250e is 85)
Minutes to charge 300 miles (DC Fast Charge) 20 (Assuming access to third-party 350kW DC)
1/4 mile 9.9
0-60 Mph in sec as quick as 2.5
High Voltage Battery Capacity 113.0 kWh (B250e is 36kWh, 28kWh useable)
High Voltage Battery Voltage 900V+ (B250e is 354V)
On Board Charger 19.2kW AC (B250e is 11kW)

I bring you these stats to point out how fast BEV technology is advancing. LUCID, for the moment at least, is leading the pack!

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Re: LUCID Air - High End BEV

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 2:48 pm
by JeffRay

If I win the lotto, sure. It is interesting to see the battery charging times drop. Now if the infrastructure would start to catch up . . . but that is another post.