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New to the forum - thinking about a 2017

Mon Nov 07, 2022 8:40 am

Hey everyone - I've been lurking here for a while, but wanted to finally come out of the shadows as I have some questions.

I've got my eye on a 2017 that's about an hour away from me. It appears to be a dealer buyback that someone else bought after MB fixed the car. The Carfax indicates that it has been regularly serviced at an MB dealership. Obviously, I've still have questions around service history and warranty stuff for the current owner, but I wanted some feedback form the folks on this forum.

It appears that the biggest gotcha on these cars is coolant leaking into the electric motor and eventually ruining it. The MB fix appears to be just doing a wholesale motor replacement. Is that the biggest "gotcha" on these cars? I can't seem to find any on this form that have gone over 60k miles w/o a motor swap. The car I'm looking at has 25k on the odometer (and the price is right IMHO) but I'm not sure that's something I want to deal with down the line, especially if this car is out of warranty. I'm a car guy and have access to a lift/have done tons of work on cars, but given we'd be replacing an older but good low mileage Toyota for this, I don't think my wife would be thrilled if we had a car laid up for motor repairs.

My overall thought with the B is that we could step into a much nicer car (in terms of interior/features) and get our feet wet with an EV that won't cost and arm and a leg out of the gate. My wife and I both work from home full time and currently have two ICE cars. Goal would be to keep the around town stuff with the kids all EV, and take the ICE car when it's a longer distance or if we need two be in two separate places.

What are everyone's thoughts on this? Is the B250e a reliable round-town machine that will last us a few years, or is it going to be a time bomb? Has anyone maintained one out of warranty and done DIY work on it?


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