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Re: CHAdeMO port for B-Class ED "JdeMO"

Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:00 pm

Dear Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED / B250e owner,

JdeMO will allow your car to recharge in 30-45 minutes (typically during a lunch or coffee stop), using over 22,600 fast charge stations worldwide. The same plug is used on EVERY continent (well, except Antarctica ;-)

We have updated our website to feature the purchase of JdeMO for the Mercedes-Benz B-Class ED / B250e. If you have already given us a deposit, we will be following up soon to finalize your purchase.

If you purchase now, you will be one of the first in your area to have this unique product.

Shipments begin in January 2019 for those who have already paid of have a deposit. NOTE: The website will show "backordered" until about March 2018, due to demand; it's OK to order!!!

If you are tired of driving your Mercedes with:

* Excessive charge times and wasted hours
* Being limited to a short range commuter car
* Having access to only slow charging at J1772 / Type 2 stations
* Tethered to your home or work charging location
* Prohibited from taking a road trip
* No charging choices

... then JdeMO may be for you! It will also increase the value of your vehicle, like it already has for both the Toyota RAV4 EV and the Tesla Roadster. Enjoy the freedom of fast charging now and know that you may recoup much of your investment when it's time to sell your car. It will probably make the car easier to sell, too!

JdeMO is easy to install for a professional mechanic / engineer / technician, and should also be relatively easy for most "back yard" auto hobbyist, too. We suggest that 2 to 4 hours should be all that is needed for a professional with High Voltage safety training for Electric Vehicles. We recommend a vehicle lift for the installation.

JdeMO uses over 22,600 CHAdeMO fast charge stations all over the world (with over 7900 in Europe, and over 2900 in North America). CHAdeMO is the one and only world standard, outnumbering its regional competitors by a substantial margin on EVERY continent that is competes. In addtion, CHAdeMO stations have the same plug on every continent. And finally, CHAdeMO is now approved at up to 400kW (however, virtually all stations are currently limited to 25kW, 50kW, or 100kW).

You can find charge stations using: (just filter for CHAdeMO only)

If you purchase now, you will be one of the first to receive your JdeMO kit when they start shipping in January 2019. Please make your purchase now at the following link, and don't forget to use your discount code as a thank you for being an early adopter of this valuable technology! ... lassED.htm

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Re: CHAdeMO port for B-Class ED "JdeMO"

Sat Mar 02, 2019 1:19 am

Here is a draft copy of the installation manual: ... 9.pdf?dl=0

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