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 Post subject: 10,000 Mile Service
PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2016 8:47 am 

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I've made an appointment for my 2015's annual battery certification. (And, I've made sure that the dealer has both the part *and* the tool to install it. Thanks to all who suggested that I do this. You saved me a trip or two, especially given that I am in an area where the car is not for sale.)

My questions concern the rest of Service A. I own the car, so I have some options to do the work myself or to neglect it altogether (!). I am not in the mood to give my dealer $500 to change the wiper blades, especially given that the service department can't be bothered to return my phone calls. (Thanks to those of you who pointed out that the battery certification is MB USA's responsibility.)

Looking over pp. 9 & 10 of the Maintenance Booklet, I count 22 items, the majority of which are trivial, e.g., "Check horn for correct function," "Check cargo compartment lighting for correct function," etc.

A few are useful, though clearly within the capacity of the owner, e.g., "Check charging cable and vehicle socket for mechanical damage" (not sure how they're going to check the 240v cable at my house...), "Brake system: check fluid level," and "Correct tire inflation pressure." And, I've done these, including resetting the annoying service reminder. (See posts above. Thank you!)

My questions involve the following, all of which would appear to be within my capacity to complete:

1. "Cooling system: Check coolant level (high-voltage battery circuit and low-temperature circuit)" There is a large, clearly marked reservoir under the hood. This is apparently for the (main) battery. What, then, is the "low-temperature circuit"? Where is its coolant reservoir--if any? In the literature I have found on line, there is reference made to the ability of the HVAC system to cool the battery in the event of high temperatures, but I'm not sure if this is related. Or, is this related to another reference I found, to a battery *heater* for winter use?

2. "Replace the combination filter (activated charcoal particle filter)" This, I assume, is what mere mortals call the "cabin air filter." Anyone have any instructions about how to replace it? wtzouris wrote on 9/18/2015 that it's behind the glove box and easy to remove--and promised a YouTube video. Didn't find the video (though there are videos for different versions of the B which have the filter in a different place). I see from another post that the MB part is No. 2468300018. I see that it runs $50-60, but the Wix No. WP10130 is $30 for the aftermarket. Can someone confirm this information?

3. "Check condition of brake pads/linings," "Visually check condition of brake disks" Has anyone driven one of these far enough yet to have brake wear? At 7,500 miles with regenerative braking (I have the paddles and use the maximum setting), I can't imagine that there's any perceptible wear. Thoughts? I have a friend with a Leaf, and he has worn out lots of sets of tires, but no brake pads...

Thanks for your input! We have to stick together. Sales of this vehicle are now ~50/mo. http://insideevs.com/monthly-plug-in-sales-scorecard/

 Post subject: Re: 10,000 Mile Service
PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2016 11:08 pm 

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I'm betting that other than the battery / powertrain, the car is essentially the same B250 that is sold here in Canada.

http://www.mercedes-benz.ca/content/can ... ights.html

Wipers, brake pads, cabin filters, etc, should be interchangeable. A Canadian MB dealer should be able to confirm the MB part number for your B's model year.

To your point, we do have to stick together as there are so few B250e's on the road. In Alberta, I figure that I may be the only one driving one of these, and crazy enough to assume the risk having to flatbed the car back to the US for warranty service. My local MB dealer told me they can't warranty it because they don't have the tools or training to do it, but I'm sure their parts dept will have no problem fleecing me for B-Class wiper blades, cabin filters, and other consumables.

As for brake pads, I doubt you'll ever need to replace them unless you're an aggressive driver or otherwise plan to drive your B on the track. I'm kind of a hypermiler so i wouldn't be surprised if my brake pads are at 90% or more after 50,000 miles.

 Post subject: Re: 10,000 Mile Service
PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 2:40 pm 

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I would decline the service intervals on this car. They are basically nonsense put together by someone who barely understands ev's. I have declined every one so far...

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