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 Post subject: Re: 12V battery charging problems - no-start
PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:54 pm 

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1. If you are buying the car from a California dealer, they have to disclose any defects by law, as you pointed out with the 12v battery.

2. Since this is a 2014, there is a record of the recall software upgrade having been done on the car last year, ask for it. Dealer can get.

3. I don't know how to read the image you posted, maybe another member knows.

4. I had a battery test as did others. I was told it was fine but never got any paperwork.

I think you are good to go. BTW, as I am going to attempt to negotiate the buyout price of my 2014 with 10K miles, were you able to get a price below $20K or was it more like $23K.

Your young salesperson is in a California dealer, right? They are really the only dealers that have a bunch of the electrics. Your Maryland dealer like most east coast dealers likely doesn't know jack.

Jeff in NYC
MB '17 B250e; MB '06 E500W; MB '81 380SL

 Post subject: Re: 12V battery charging problems - no-start
PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:15 pm 

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Thanks Jeff,

Yes. This is a Mercedes dealer on the outskirts of LA.

So, I tried hard to get them to come down, but could only get them a little south of $23K. I did get them to throw out all the BS "documentaion fees" and "notary fees" (they were gonna charge me $250 for a notary!)

The problem I had was this is a very clean, and very loaded B-Class (premium, range, parking, interior). I don't think you could get another option. My wife had very specific color, mileages, options she wanted.

There were others in the area with less stuff, but they are advertised at $21.7K-$22.8K.

However, a used one with 18K miles in CO was asking $19.5K -- she said she had been quoted a $19K trade-in. A used one in Ohio showed up for $19.8K (not the B-class market?).

Edmunds says trade-in $18K, personal sale $19K. They may be low.

Good luck.

 Post subject: Re: 12V battery charging problems - no-start
PostPosted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:42 pm 

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I think you don't need to overthink the battery certification. These cars should be good for 80-100k miles without anything but fluid changes. That includes brakes. The 12v battery should be changed every 3 years. It is essential for the car /computer to work. Put in something good like a Bosch or Exide advanced AGM with a handle on top. An extended warranty covering the drive unit (motor) and gateway would be ideal. The battery is not going to be the problem. it's going to be a computer board failure . Or a motor failure. I have 30k trouble free miles on my B-Class and am turning it in in 4 months. I don't know how I feel about used B-Class in the $20k price range. I'm told the wholesale (auction) value is $14k for my 3-year old car, which stickered for $51,000/ my buyout is $23k and I say no way -- need DCFC and a larger battery. My next move is an i3 with 94Ah battery and REX. The REX is so my wife can drive 200+ miles in a day. I will choose DCFC as my way of making longer trips. I like the compromise. The only thing I will miss is the B-Class cargo capacity. Everyone says the i3 is immensely fun to drive I had one for 3 days and it was addictive. Makes you not think about how it looks. Although I am looking forward to being noticed after 3 years of not being noticed. The B-Class ED is a great car, I will miss her.

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