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B-class tail light replacement

Sun May 13, 2018 4:54 pm

I have a 2014 B-class electric and it needs a left tail light. I was able to open the access panel and get the old one out, but getting the new one in place is a chore. My hands are not small enough or I'm doing something wrong?
The module that holds the bulb only seems to slide back a couple of inches - just enough to let the bulb clear the whole where it goes into the tail light. The bottom of the module assembly seems to be on some metal rail? It would be helpful if the module would completely disengage so that it was able to turn and get some leverage when putting the new bulb into the socket. I have attempted to bend the module down and back to allow to get the new bulb into place, but I wasn't able to line up the posts and get it seated properly.
I'm writing this all out to ask if anyone else has a better way to change the bulb? I really hope that I'm missing something that will make it much easier...

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Re: B-class tail light replacement

Sat Jun 23, 2018 7:59 am

I tried and dropped the new bulb down into the light. Took it to my dealer and they replaced it for free.

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