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New to Mercedes Benz B Class

Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:47 am

Hello all,
Iam thinking about buying a MB electric drive, I live in Jordan (middle east) and they import the cars from America,

I have some questions
1: is there any way I can check the battery capacity? And how?
2: what is the best milage should I buy? As I see some cars are around 40000 miles and some are 15000 or 20000 miles, all are 2014
3: what are the things should I check before I buy, except the carfax?

Thanks for helping

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Re: New to Mercedes Benz B Class

Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:42 pm


Welcome. My thoughts follow:

1. 2014s, some come with range extender. The one I had did not. Dealer may be able to test and give you current battery capacity. If not, then at full charge, no range extended should read about 86 miles range. With extra range extender charge, it might read 96 miles. This is after they reset the odometer to wipe out recent driving record.

2. Like all used vehicles, lower mileage generally better for wear and tear. Also, battery would not have had as many recharge cycles. I returned mine after 3 years with 9K miles total, very low, based on my limited daily drive. Average per year usage more like 7K (my guess).

3. You must test drive car. The motor should hum, not shreek. It should accelerate quickly. There should be no mechanical rattles. The electronics should be all working. Most of these cars were driven in warm climate in US, not the colder ones where electrics perform less well.

If the dealer offers an extended warranty that covers the motor and battery, worth buying it.

These are typical Mercedes build so should be able to perform well for you. But with new tech, I would only count on the car being good to you till 2024. But because so few were actually made compared to other models, parts availability will end sooner than with other Mercedes models.
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Re: New to Mercedes Benz B Class

Mon Sep 17, 2018 6:46 pm

All cars have the battery degrade. Mercedes used very conservative metrics. Some have reported no observable denigration. But expect at least 5% battery denigration over the years. You might very well be lucky but expect the worst.
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