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Re: Motor whining, needs replacement

Fri Aug 06, 2021 6:40 am

Thanks for the welcome Jeff!

I am in the Bay Area and am looking at a loaded black one in LA area - https://www.mbwestcovina.com/inventory/ ... b5hj015790

I was hoping I could get it certified but it doesn't qualify and 3rd party warranty is $4k...

Re: Service. I did ask for a VMI and it was regularly serviced and might have had a motor fix/replacement under warranty in Apr 2018

6/ 2017 - purchased at FJ in Newport Beach
12/2017 - some complimentary check by FJ in Newport Beach
3/18 - maintenance A, dessican cartridge replaced under warranty
4/18 - brought in to check tires, some warranty repairs on Electric Motor Towing, Electric Motor Corroded/Oxidized, map data updated
11/18 - service B, battery service, some campaign related to battery
8/19 - another regular service, charger replaced under warranty
1/20 - new tires and regular service, some line item on "Cost of Sale" under warranty
7/20 - inspected and sold by MB West Cov as an as-is used car, charging cables, brake fluid, combination filter, air drier replaced
9/20 - new owner
6/21 - West Cov took it back for sale replaced brakes, wipers

Should the telling dealer be able to tell me battery pack degradation like an iPhone would? :mrgreen:

JeffRay wrote:
Thu Aug 05, 2021 6:20 pm

First, welcome to the forum. It was a fun car for 6 years, first a 2014, then a 2017.

Second, don't know where you are but $16k sounds negotiable to me. Be sure to have the car checked out by a MB dealer before you buy to see if all required service was done and to let you know how much degradation of the battery pack has occurred. I miss the car.

Just leased a GLC300 to bridge to a future MB EV. Almost bite on a 2021 GLC350e last year but couldn't pull the trigger during covid when I wasn't driving much. The EQC is not sold in the US or I would be driving that. Yeah, the Burmeister is nice. I listened today for my 3 hour drive by myself. Very nice indeed.
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Re: Motor whining, needs replacement

Sat Aug 07, 2021 7:32 pm


Yes, the dealer can access the last battery test data. If more than one year old, they can run it again and give you a current reading.

The price seems high for a 40k mileage car btw.
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