Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive

Mercedes-Benz Electric B-Class now available to order in Europe

After launching in the USA earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz has announced that the B-Class Electric Drive is now available to order in Europe.

Germany, the country where the B-Class is manufactured, will be the first European nation to receive the electric vehicle.

Prices in Germany start at €39,151 including tax. A lease option is available through Mercedes-Benz Bank from €399 a month: “Sample calculation for a private customer based on a purchase price of €39,151, a leasing period of 36 months, a total mileage of 30,000 kilometres and a one-off leasing payment of €8,473.31″

There are 3 equipment packages available, including the Style (€1,065.05), Urban (€1,707.65) and the exclusive Electric Art (€2,308.60).

Range Plus allows the range of the B-Class to be extended by up to 30km and is available for €892.50.

Radar based regenerative braking costs €416.50 and will use data from radar sensors of the ‘collision prevention assist plug’ to increase or decrease regenerative braking when necessary to slow the vehicle down.

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