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May 30, 2021
Hi, I've got a 2017 B250E which I've had now for almost 2 years. Mileage is only 14600 and on Saturday 29th May 2021 I pulled up at relatives home and put car into reverse intending to reverse it into drive. On pressing the accelerator pedal it just started to jerk backwards a few inches at a time. The same thing happened on trying to go forward..rang Mercedes and rac came out but had no idea what was wrong so they called the tow truck. It's now in storage waiting to go to Mercedes dealer. Car is 3 years and 10 months old. Does anyone know if it's in warranty or not and have any idea what is wrong. Tow truck had to put plastic ramps under all 4 wheels as none would rotate so it could slide onto flatbed. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

Sorry to hear about this. In all the time I have been on this forum, I don't recall this exact circumstance. The only thing closest was a software issue where the car would go into Neutral and stay there even when someone was driving. No one hurt. So when they take it to the shop, be sure to ask them to check if all the software updates were made including the safety recall one around 2016.

As to whether the warranty covers it, in the US, it would be if the original warranty was not expired. As yours is a 2017, fingers crossed.

Best of luck. Let us know what they find when they hook it up to the diagnostic computer.

If you are nearing the end of your original warranty, while it is in the shop, have them check everything.
I am having issues with my 17 as well. I found warranty information today online. It says the coverage is 4 years or 50000 miles. It looks like we may be just out of coverage.
My issue is. I push start button and all the lights come on but instead of going out they stay on and I have only neutral and park. I’ve managed to make it work a few times by turning it off an on a few times.
This sounds very similar to the to my issue posted here

Can you private message me with more details? What’s the latest with you your dealer? My one is still being checked? Where abouts you based?