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Dec 11, 2014
It was inevitable but just announced is the EQB with promised release in 2022 in the US. It is built on the ICE platform so interior space and specs should be similar. AWD with range in mid-200s. Still lags in terms or range but at least double the range of our beloved B250e. I think they might be badging it a B300e and B350e depending on the horsepower of the motors.

See the article here with more details.

There is also the EQC which will come at some point as well as the EQA.

P.S. Well, as I just leased a GLC300, will likely just watch and wait a little bit longer.
@JeffRay - hope all is well. I finally replaced the long gone B. I couldn't wait for Mercedes to get a "semi-reasonably" priced car in the U.S.. I just got one of the first VW ID.4's with AWD. It's very nice, and I consider it a worthy successor. Similar German suspension, but much more powerful and much longer range. The Audi Q4 etron, its fancier, twin brother, is also on the "horizon".
Tell us more about the ID.4 with AWD. I test drove the 2-wheel drive version and was underwhelmed with the performance. I understand the AWD has much more pep? And how does the infotainment/nav suite work?

I really liked the seating position and comfort. Seemed real promising except for the lack of power.
I think the single motor version of the ID.4 is pretty similar to the B in terms of power. The AWD version does give a lot more oomph. That 50% extra power makes driving more fun too. While the interior leatherette looks a bit utilitarian, it is very comfortable. The armrests are tiny pieces that swing down or away. The design gives a particularly spacious feel, especially with the panoramic sunroof. This is one of the few models that provides a retractable screen too. The ID.4 , usually considered a crossover style, is bigger than the B, so it will feel more spacious in comparison. Rear seat legroom feels tremendous, and the hatch/trunk area is a fair bit bigger too.

The infotainment system has been widely criticized as not ready for primetime. It is true. It is glitchy, and the interface is not obvious. The phone app is about the same as the previous B app in terms of functionality. The Electrify America charging stations don't show up in a simple way. It's not quite as bad as the old Becker mapping system in the 2014 B that showed Electric gas stations if you scrolled down alphabetically past Citgo. Android Auto can work though, and most like that. CarPlay too. I think AA is pretty glitchy too though.

Still, all in all, the infotainment works, and it doesn't really affect the driving, and that's the main thing. It drives well and is often described as feeling "planted", meaning that it feels very stable, with very low roll in bends, and very tight steering. It is a great car to drive! I drove from Maryland to New Jersey and back for my first road trip in an EV. Charging at an Electrify America charging location in New Brunswick was simple and all I needed (I spent an hour there, but 35 minutes would probably have been enough). That's for more than 6 hours of driving at highway speed.

Other cars I've considered are the Audi Q4 etron, Audi etron, Tesla Model Y, Volvo XC40 Recharge and the Polestar 2, all on the more luxury end and the Chevy Bolt, the Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Kona EV on the low end. Most of these are pretty decent choices, depending on price. I don't like the seating at all on the Chevy Bolt and the Polestar 2, but I can see why others would go for any of these. The Audi Etron is the most premium of this list, I think, but pricing is much higher. The Audi Q4 ETron is the sister car to the ID.4 with similar features and specs. It's not available quite yet in the U.S., but that should be another great car, with a reasonable upcharge over the VW version for maybe a more premium interior and slightly different set of features and Audi's infotainment system instead.
Great to hear from you folks. We learned a lot from each other and can occasionally pass along what we know to those who inherited our beloved B250e cars.

Driving my ICE GLC300 is fine but the new tech is not as fun as the EV platform. You will laugh but today, my range was estimated to be 39 miles. I said to myself, so what, I got used to range anxiety when the range on our B250e dropped to 10 miles.

Till we meet again on a future MB EV forum!
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