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Mar 7, 2022
Hello ! My car e motor has to be replaced. If someone know mechanic near by Los Angeles can you contact with me. Thank you !
Check out these guys: https://qccharge.com/

Let us know how it turns out. Did you get a dealer quote?
I'm sure you've resolved by now, but just wanted to let you know you aren't alone. 57,000 miles replacing my motor $8,100.
So I ended up rebuilding motor at QC charge. See other posts!
My 2017 B250 is out of warranty by 7 months and 2,000 miles and the dealer says it needs a new motor (electric machine) with an estimate of over $20,000. Where did you get it done for 8K?
So I posted that after speaking with the rep at MB House of Imports, in Brea, I think. The rep was mistaken, and I never got a quote to replace the motor. I had to replace the dc converter which cost $7,000. The issue with mine is the whine that the motor makes. I was told I had to replace the motor and she quote me about $8,100, but that was for the converter not the motor.
It has had the noise for years. I've had the car 4 years, and I never really noticed it until they brought it up, now it seems to be getting worse, or maybe I'm just paying more attention to it. :). I'm taking it to QCCharge outside of SD. There is a link in another post. They were nice, seemed to know just what the issue was (worn out bearings) and quoted me $4,250 to fix it. They are the only place I can find. Found no place in L.A. willing to work on it.
Just dropped car off at QC Charge in Vista, Ca. to fix whine in motor. I have never seen so many B250's in one place (9 I think). License plates from Tennessee, Georgia, Ontario Canada. Along with a ton of Teslas and Rav 4's. These guys know what they are doing. Super friendly, helpful, explained and showed examples of motors and problems. Totally enlightening. No secrets, no guesses as to what the problems are, they seem to know it all. HIGHLY recommend. Will post again when I get it back. Hopefully no more 'whine'.
Is yours blue?!? Because I just dropped off my blue BED today at QCC as well. As I was leaving, someone in another blue BED drove up with bearing noise - I guess it was you! We could start a support group.
These poor BEDs are dropping like flies.

Yeah I think I counted 8 or so as well, and yours would make 9. I spoke with Alex at length. My stuttering from zero mph symptoms are absolutely related to leaking seals and fluid getting into the motor. Will need a rebuild. My BED only has 35,900 miles on it. They're so busy, that the wait time is currently 4 weeks to even get my car up on the rack.
Yes that was me dropping my car off when you were leaving! (Name is Eric)
So for anyone interested, I had made an appointment a month in advance at QC Charge and got it back 3 weeks after my appointment. IT RUNS BEAUTIFULLY! Like brand new. The guys there were super knowledgeable and actually took me in the back to show me other cars they were working on, motors in the process of being rebuilt... The charge was $4291 out the door and worth every cent. The car is so awesome again. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! I had called around L.A. and got no help, and these guys immediately knew the problem and said, "bring it in". Their phone is (760) 798-0342
HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH QC CHARGE WITH MY MERCEDES B-CLASS ELECTRIC: (Six months after they took my 2016 Mercedes B-Class Electric and my full payment, they won’t return my money, my car and and won’t return my calls) I found them on this website when I had the horrible motor failure everyone is talking about here. I took it to my local Mercedes dealership and found out it was going to cost $18,000 to repair. I immediately looked for a cheaper solution and after a pleasant conversation with QC Charge, they gave me an estimate of what it might cost but they’d need to diagnose it. I had it towed from my home in Los Angeles to Vista the next day. THAT WAS SIX MONTHS AGO!

When it first got there, I was told it would take about three weeks before they could get to my car. Months went by, dozens of my inquiring emails and calls as to why they weren’t getting to my car. Finally I got a call from someone in charge there. The talkative man gave me an incredibly long winded explanation that they had cars piled up outside and everyone wants their car. I’d have to wait. Three months after my car got there, the miracle day came. They’d gotten to my car and it was going to be a total charge of $8,800. WOW! More than I had been told, but I was desperate. We needed that car. Stupidly, I paid in full because they wouldn’t touch it otherwise. This was a primary car. We’d limped by on my wife and I sharing a car or rental cars but the cost was piling up. I paid and the car was supposed to off to repair. Weeks went by and my calls and emails for an update went unanswered. Where was my car? Finally I got someone on the phone and they said it had gone to Mercedes for reprograming of the new elements they put in, but Mercedes couldn’t get them to work so now they needed to wait a week or so when they could get a tow truck over to get it and back to their shot. A week for a tow truck to get a car that was a mile away? Time was just being gobbled up and no one at QC Charge cared. My car went back to QC Charge and sat around for weeks and then they worked on it and sent it back to Mercedes. Again Mercedes couldn’t get it to work with what QC Charge had done. What was happening?
After calling and calling, finally someone at QC Charge took my calls. Isaac at the front desk put on someone in charge. The talkative man went into a long explanation that they consider my car too expensive for them to fix and they considered it unfixable. Unfixable? They had replaced everything wrong with it with their parts! IT MADE ZERO SENSE! I asked them to write me an email describing how the car was mechanically unfixable and they never answered. They have disappeared. Simply. Disappeared. The owner Tony Williams won’t return my calls. Tony won’t return my email. Won’t return Mercedes calls to come get the car. In fact, Mercedes says QC Charge owes them money for working on my car (A line item I paid for in my paying QC Charge) and QC Charge hasn’t paid them! They have abandoned me and my car and THEY HAVE KEPT MY MONEY. Do I need to say DON’T USE THIS BUSINESS?
Absolutely AWFUL experience! Sorry to hear about that. There are countless reasons for a lawsuit. I hope you get all your money back.
My 2017 B250 is out of warranty by 7 months and 2,000 miles and the dealer says it needs a new motor (electric machine) with an estimate of over $20,000. Where did you get it done for 8K?
I had my moter on my 2017 replaced at 50,000 miles. out of warranty but the dealer cost was $ 10,000 but I called Mecedes and they hade me pay only 2,000
I had my moter on my 2017 replaced at 50,000 miles. out of warranty but the dealer cost was $ 10,000 but I called Mecedes and they hade me pay only 2,000
That sounds like a good deal- I assume you are the original owner as ours was out of warranty by a year, but we had documentation of the noise while it was still under warranty (I knew about the issues so pointed the noise out to the dealer at the last service in San Jose) and Mercedes corporate would do nothing when a different dealer down in Orange County said it needed to be replaced- $13k was the repair cost. We were not the original owner. My sister is still driving the vehicle, noise has not increased too much.