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Unless you do an extended range charge on the B-Class ED( by pressing the dash button) then 100% is really only 92% to preserve batt life. 69 miles total range isn’t terrible ( 23+ 43) and with an extended range charge you might get another 6 miles so 75 miles total range in winter is about right. I once drove the car 114 miles in summer with an extended range charge. That battery is way too small for the car. If it had double the capacity it would have been way more popular….
I think it had a competitive battery size for its time and for its mid-range pricing (in Europe, anyway). The Zoe hasn't introduced larger battery until 2016 and the Leaf until 2018. It's a first generation electric car, for that it's still pretty usable in 2024.
As for being a town car: it easily qualifies as a commuting car too, as long as it's within its range. We bought ours 2y 8m ago and covered 47k miles since then, became the main car on day one. I only had to start the diesel about once a month, for longer journeys.