How much battery life can be extended after installing TC charger?

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Feb 23, 2023
Hello everyone!

Looking for help in determining if I should purchase FFE. A local dealership is offering a 2018 FFE for $10,900 with 12,000 miles. It's very clean with only one owner using it for a small daily drive in the city. My concerns came into play when considering the age of the car and battery and the battery was no longer under warranty, but he promised to get me a 6.6KW TC Charger.

So for all you FFE owners out there who are willing to answer, how long will your 2016-2018 FFE battery last? How much battery life can be extended after installing a car charger?

I really like this car, it's the second car I do on my daily commute of 13 miles (one way). But I'm skeptical given the age and potential for future electrical issues.
Thanks for taking any time and effort to reply!