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That is the cost to replace not repair. The two seals, bearings and labor is $1K-$2K to complete the repair. A repair shop can also put a weep hole in the case the coolant leaks again. Note: the weep hole needs a one way valve so water cannot enter the unit while driving.
Good luck finding a shop locally! If it’s not local don’t forget to add the cost to ship the car.
A dealer will only offer the replacement option.
Revolt in Arizona, or QCC in San Diego are the ones I know that have expertise with these units and are closest to you, but I do not know if Revolt does the weep hole mod, nor do I know if they plug the vent on the rotor end cap at the same time (which should be done IMO). See the excellent pics in this post.

IDK why you'd need a check valve on the weep hole; most installs I've seen install a hose barb to the hole and a section of clear hose terminating in a crimped end, so you can easily see the blue G48 if any is leaking. It runs to the tube, I'm told. Even if you leave the hose un-crimped, this is no worse than conventional gearbox vents.

Bear in mind that if you have blue coolant that has made it from the reluctor chamber through the outside rotor bearing (or through that vent hole) into the stator cavity, it's mandatory to disassemble the LDU enough to remove the coolant. It will not evaporate -- there is NO airflow, any moisture remains in the stator cavity forever, degrading the stator's isolation resistance And you can't replace the stator (in the US: in the EU, stator rewinding has been done), so once the iso gets too low, that half of the LDU is scrap for practical purposes.
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does anyone know someone that can repair mine?thanks ronan281
Ronan: There are several videos on YT about the MB B250 and the RAV4 electric motors and repairs (essentially the same system). I contacted one of the presenters and they knew of a repair facility just a few miles from my home. From what I can see on the videos almost any good mechanic should be able to replace these parts, clean the case, etc.