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Jul 30, 2019
Took a Volvo XC40 Recharge out on the public roads today. Comparing it to my much-loved MB 250e.

1. Range (208 vs 85)
2. L3 (CCS or “DC”) Charging
3. Interior volume is about the same as the B250, nowhere near as claustrophobic as the Tesla Model 3.
4. Android Automotive (Google Assist) - No cell phone needed, vehicle is on the ATT network, and free to use.
5. Has an electric moon-roof, which also helps with vertical space when seated.
6. Has an electric rear hatch open and close, can be opened from the keyfob remote.

1. Black interior (only option) Non-leather only.
2. Value (cost is about 150% cost of a new B250e)
3. Cheap interior materials
4. Regen on OR off (only one setting)
5. Frunk (front stowage) is a joke - at a pinch it may hold the supplied charging cable, but nothing "bigger than an iPad".

We didn’t find anything that was a “show stopper”. Overall we like the vehicle. Off the line acceleration is incredible, and with two motors has “AWD” operation.

The interior seems very cheap compared with MB, no wood trim, only black, no leather available, lots of chrome and weird vertical slots for vents.

The driver's controls were nice, much fewer buttons than the B250e (most of which I don't use anyway) There is no start-stop button or key hole, the place you would expect it to be had a round plastic cap. It looked like a last minute add-on to the dash (or a bad carry over from the ICE XC40 model)
Once seated the driver covers the brake and selects R or D from the center console lever. This takes up some storage space. There is a Qi W.Ch charger and smartphone storage space, I was able to place my iPhoneX there and it started charging. I would use that.

The EPA range is 208 miles on a full charge, or about 250% compared to the B250e. Nice! But on L2 charging it would take 250% of the time to fill up compare to the B250e, or most of a workday. Okay of you have EV charging at your work location. L3 ("DC") charging claims an 80% top-off in forty minutes. Sweet! I don't know if 100% of the High Voltage battery is available, or if it has an "80% Full" system as in the B250e. Not sure what happens when the High Voltage battery is nearly empty. There is no equivalent to the B250e e-Cell system that we know about.

The dash instruments are all LCD. We were able to display the driving map, which would allow the driver to easily glace down to see it. We said "Hey Google" and it answered back, and then plotted our return to the dealer (we weren't lost and were near the dealer anyway)

There was no range to empty display (that I could not find one on a fifteen minute test drive, only a battery percentage display (started at 75% ended at 68%) Seems accurate based on how far we drove.

The dealer is pitching a $1,500 rebate, plus a $500 ChargePoint ATM Card, or an EV charger install at your home. Now that would only be L2 (240V single-phase) and would be good for overnight charging. I've been charging the B250e either at work (L1 or L2 available), or at a local ChargePoint station that is L2 and free for 2h. That gives me about 42 to 44 miles range on the B250e.

Not rushing out to buy the XC40 Recharge right away. Don't need a new(er) vehicle, and won't until the HOV sticker on our B250e expires at the end of 2021.

Dealer sales dude was pushing Hybrid, stated to order an XC40 Recharge is four months built to order at the factory. (So I guess he doesn't get paid for that time, either. You know, "sell what you have" attitude)

Anyone else been behind the wheel? Or, doing research on a B250e replacement?