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Jan 7, 2019
I bought my 2014 B-Class in January 2019 with 22,000 miles on it. I was surprised to find that the original 4-year warranty had 4 months to run. After some early repairs and a little online research it seemed prudent to investigate getting an Extended Warranty. Here's what the dealer told me:

- You have to sign up at least a couple of weeks before your original warranty expires.
- Since my car came off a Used Car lot and not an M-B dealer, they might reject my application. There was no way to tell until you applied and waited.
- If M-B rejected the application, we could try 3rd party warranties, but that's not such a slam-dunk. Each repair has to justified somehow before they pay.
- Pricing from Mercedes-Benz was as follows:

$2,185 5th year, 75,000 miles
$2,702 5th year, 100,000 miles
$2,415 5 & 6th year, 75,000 miles
$2,990 5 & 6th year, 100,000 miles
$2,760 5-7th year, 75,000 miles
$3,852 5-7th year, 100,000 miles

Nothing is available after the car is older than seven years. I opted for the 3-year 75k mile option at $2,760. By my reckoning 3 repairs and I will probably break even. The Service Advisor treats the car just as if it was under the original warranty.

I'd appreciate hearing how others think about this. The internet is chock full of people saying to never own a Mercedes (or BMW, Porsche, etc.) without a warranty, but I never even considered a warranty for the Toyotas and Chevy's I've owned in the past. Mercedes seems a little different.
Thanks Charles,

Anyone looking to buy a used B250e but wants a warranty to protect against the stuff happening is well advised to consider purchasing an extended warranty. If I buy the car when the lease expires on my 2017, will definitely look for some protection on the motor, the suspension and the batteries if the latter is covered.
Having owned mainly BMWs (ICEs) prior to this, with and without extended warranties, my guess would be that as a luxury car, its really a guessing game. Out of 4 ICE cars, only one needed work under the extended warranty on the transmission. The others went thru the warranty periods without issue. We kept all of them for a minimum of 8 years with the oldest just being retired now at 17 years.

I will purchase an extended warranty for piece of mind since we have far less experience on what to expect with this small batch (in sales) EV that MB has discontinued.
Oh, perhaps I should add that no mention was made of the battery in the extended warranty discussion. I am assuming that it is not included. From my experience so far and what I've learned on this forum, that is not something I am worried about.