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May 30, 2015
I've had the car for a couple of weeks and have compiled this list of suggestions/missing features.

* Onboard timer for charger
* Navigation system should show charging stations rather than gas stations by default.
* Illuminated charging port
* Touchscreen for infotainment unit
* More accurate estimate of available range
* Setting to control if wall plug efficiency or battery efficiency is used to calculate miles per kW hour
* Ability to send text alerts if car is not plugged in at a certain time of day
* Don't blank the range estimate when the ignition is turned off - leave it on until the key is removed
* Have brake lights activate when car is decelerating even if brake pedal isn't depressed
* Allow the rear headrests to go all the way down and/or be removed
* Fix the web app (I have to log out and log back in to get the data refreshed, there are many other usability issues as well), Integrate the functions of the embrace app (lock doors, find car, etc) into he mybclass web app so that the car can be managed from a single app (make an iPhone and Android native version while you are at it)
Let's dream:

DC Fast Charging (Tesla Supercharger Compatible?)
50 kW Battery Option
Electrically heated cabin/footwell option (more efficient)
Ventilated seats (runs AC through perforations in seating surfaces)
Moonroof/Glass Roof option
D-- (D minus minus) reprogram the accelerator to be more like i3 or Tesla -- "one pedal driving" but with less pressure.
DUAL Motors option -- like the 70D, two small motors on each axle instead of the single larger front motor.

The car would be pretty much perfect with these options.
The back headrests in my 2015 are completely removable (I tried). The suggestion about the range being shown until key is removed would not work in 2015 because the key is never in the ignition :) But my Audis solve this problem by showing all relevant information when the driver door is opened (when car was previously closed), or until the driver door is opened (if you're still inside).

I wish for:

* A nav system / infotainment system that has been actually user tested / where feedback was considered
* A suspension that doesn't wobble. I know the car has a short wheelbase, but so was my Focus, and that car could run circles around Beverly (well it couldn't because its turning radius was too big but that's separate)
* Instrumentation that doesn't put 15 functions on a single stalk, and that doesn't have a tick mark for every mile (you should see a 2015 instrument cluster!)

* ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL with stop / go. Come on. You have it in Europe.

I think that you can't get D-- because when you let go of the gas pedal it uses already maximum generation. Yes the gas pedal mapping is awful but you can't do more than letting go and having full regen. A linear gas pedal like in the Tesla or Focus would go a long way, but to get more regen you would need to get a bigger motor.
I don't think the brake lights are necessary when regen is turned on, but I see why others do.

1. My biggest complaint is the positioning of gear shift. If one switches between other cars (which have the windshield wiper where the B-Class shifter is located), it is easy to reflexively mess with the gears. Also overloading the turn signal with the windshield wipers means there is no way to easily get a single wipe without rotating the windshield wiper dial back and forth.

I suggest putting the wiper on the right side (like it is for most cars these days) and either moving the gear shift off the steering column or making it like an old-school '70's automatic transmission shifter that locks in position and requires the driver to pull it back before it will change gears. If it remains on the steering column, move it lower like the Cruise control so that the wiper functionality is in the same position as other cars. Common interfaces reduce mistakes.

2. I also want an on board timer.

3. Fast charging would be nice, but I can live with 7.2kW
The car has 9.6 kW charging already. 30% faster than 7.2 kW as long as you use a 40 Amp unit like the Jesla from
Yes! The gear shifter! What a nuisance. Whenever I get into my Audis I wipe...

I had to get a JuiceBox just so I have a timer and 10kW - others offer one but not the other. What were they thinking... but that applies to the telematics, too.