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Dec 11, 2014
So I got an email from a salesperson at the MB dealer I have bought/leased all my cars. You all have experienced the worst I am sure but with age and wisdom, I have come to expect this from time to time. The email was offering his assistance with my B250e lease coming to an end.

First, I have a regular salesperson so not sure why he was allowed to contact me.

Second, I suggested they buy the car from MBFS at a discount and sell it to me for a negotiated market. A classic win-win. Not to be. Ready for this? His quote was HIGHER than the lease purchase option in the lease. Crazy stuff.

Third, I said I would buy a dealer used EQC from them since they are not yet available in the U.S. but MB had some to show dealers what it was. No response after two tries. I wonder if he even knows what an EQC is?

Well, with the lockdown, am thinking of not renewing my office lease but work from home. So I can dispense with my favorite commuting car, the B250e, at lease end. Too bad, it has 9K+ miles and never had a problem save the fender bender when someone hit me overnight while I was parked on the street.
Sad story about the offer, Jeff!
I don't check in here much anymore, but still miss our B Class, although one wouldn't serve our needs anymore, as we now have an even longer winter commute and the work hours charging availability is still super dicey.
Glad to hear that the B Class continued to serve you well through the remainder of the term.
Hi Jeff,
Don't back down. Try another dealer.
We tried doing the same thing when our lease was up. About a month before our lease was up we got stuck in a loop: dealer "talk to MBFS" - MBFS "talk to the dealer."
Finally as the lease ended, we went to our original salesperson who leased us our 2014 and our 2017. He "was able" to knock about $500 off the residual. Not good enough for us, since residual was way above Blue Book, and there were plenty off-lease B250es available nearby selling for around BB.
We went to another dealer to look at one almost identical to ours. It turned out not to have the back-up camera, which was a deal-breaker. The salesperson ended up taking about $5000 off the residual, bringing it down to the price of the other one, and around BB.
In the end, we bought a $45k car for about $23k (including two years of lease payments).
Good luck.
September 16th. Sigh. Will be returning my 2017 B250e to MBFS via my dealer. Frankly, with less getting around due to covid, I can make do just fine with my two older ICE cars. Will miss my little urban getabout and its ability to zip and dart around, not to mention park in smaller spaces. Will not miss the excitement of discovering a cold car parked overnight in the winter with just enough range to get to the work charger. Will miss all you folks but habits die hard and I will check the Active topics so long as it is bookmarked on the browser.

Am returning a basic 2017 with less than 10K miles total! The low mileage reflects its limited range and charging infrastructure in an urban environment. I went on eBay to buy a used rear tail lamp and have the original OEM run flats in the condo basement to return. Am dispensing with the so called pre-inspection and will just show up and return it and catch a ride home in one of my ICE cars. If anyone wants to pick it off at a bargain price at auction, PM me and I can pass you the VIN number.

Figure my older cars have a few years left in them but will be watching the EV and PHEV developments with keen interest.

Enjoy the ride everyone!
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