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Aug 1, 2015
Southampton, NY
I am coming up on 3 weeks of begging for a VVC. My favorite part is how the dealer ship calls, writes and emails to make sure I am 100% satisfied. I get and touch and say I want my VVC and nothing happens.

Please train the dealers on how to generate and provide VVC or let me send in a DNA sample or something.

So annoyed!!!!
Feeling lucky that my sales guy provided this to me within a few days of me leaving with the car. Sorry for your frustration
Yeah I got my VVC code in a couple of days (had to wait over one weekend. (Mercedes of Nanuet, NY)
I agree, and I sell them. Usually the finance manager or service manager can get the code from Mercedes corp.
I've just encountered this post on a Smart ED forum, which might be relevant for people now or in the future who are trying to get a working VVC for their B-Class Electric Drive:

"Sorry you are still being stonewalled! This should not be so difficult but as I understand it, the original VVC number cannot transfer to a new owner.

As you purchased from outside the M-B halo, apparently none of the employees you have talked to are willing to help you as it won't earn them a penny.

Unfortunately the new number you are requesting can only be obtained through a WILLING M-B dealer or smart Center.

The process requires the use of the NetStar sales application. To access the VVC code, specific sales/service/manager users need authorization from Mercedes and NetStar.

Clicking on the Electric Vehicle tab on the lower left will then allow the appropriate users to obtain a VVC (Vehicle Verification Code).

Note, like many things EV the learning curve is very steep and very few are trained in this process."

A user named MB DNA provided that information that is perhaps helpful for a dealership representative who hasn't handled such a request before.
See it here:
Passing along a little info I got, sorry if it's a little redundant.
"There are several ways to get the VVC, but it has to come from the dealer who sold you the car. I couldn't get a hold of the general manager of my dealership, so I contacted the Service Manager. I gave them the following instructions, and they were able to download the VVC for me. Apparently, MBUSA has fielded many calls regarding how difficult it is to get the VVC because most managers have no clue. Again, only Sales Managers, GSM's (big boss), and Service Managers can do this. Go back to your dealer or service provider and send them the following instructions.

Login to NetStar, Click Sales or Service tab, Click VIP Tool link.
When new Daimler login page appears, must login with MBUSA for VIP Tool access credentials. Credentials different from NetStart ID.
Must enter customer's VIN and click search.
Click "Generate new master VVC".
Click "Print VVC info document".
Hopefully, that printout will be given to you. Good luck."