What to look for when shopping for a used B250e ?

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Feb 22, 2023
Im in the market for a used B250e.
Anything in particular I should look for ?
Like any red flags during a test drive ?
I see lots of comments about drivetrain failure. Was this only for certain years ?
Not sure if this forum is still alive generally 😔 but I bought a 22k mile 2017 on 24 Feb in the UK. I then drove it 230+ miles through the night, depending only on Tethered charging as the previous owner had unexpectedly kept the high voltage cable with many many charging stops, to Portsmouth ferry.
I placed a lot of reliance on it being MB, low mileage and U.K. MOT, plus sold by a (non-Merc) dealer.

P.S. loving it so far! Already I can’t see myself going back to an ICE vehicle and I only now calculated the fuel savings against our primary G-wagon; this car should pay for itself in 4-6yrs based on fuel savings alone.