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Finally! MB Germany approved replacing the drive unit. This comes after the car has been in the shop for 9 weeks. We are on our 3rd loaner as the don't like anyone person to have a loaner for more than a month. The technician still got the error code after replacing the charger(AC/DC inverter). Hoping to get the car back this week.
After replacing the drive unit, the car went into limp home mode for the dealer. After running a number diagnostic, and further guidance from Germany, they were able to reset everything, and went through a few days of drive/charge cycles.

We got the car tonight! Our service rep stated that over $20k of work was performed. My wife is happy to have her car back, and I'm happy with a functioning car. It took MB 10weeks and 2 days to fix the car.
Thanks Jeff. I think I'm going to take a precautionary approach. I have my juicebox set to charge the car at 40a, I will be turning that down to 30-32amps.

Sounds good, particularly if you have all night to recharge. I should be so lucky to have a home charger. Good news so far is places to park and none of them charge at higher than 6.6KwH and if exit time is set, the car throttles down charging rate. Must mean something.
A couple of times, when sitting in car but powered up for awhile, I have gotten the message when I have tried to abrupty shift to D and move. After shutting down, pausing and restarting, the message goes away. I think the software likes to send this message when it is surprised or confused. I have not had any issues when driving like others have.

I am not going to have the dealer take the look unless it happens a third time.
I had the mesage and the car did`nt start after.
Temporary medication - unscrew and disconnect "minus" of 12v battery and connect it again. It is like CLTR-ALT-DEL for MB software.
The message gone and you can drive to home or to dealer. But my problem still not solved and I keep the 10Hex key ready to unscrew "-" before the driving each time.
Will post the result after COVID carantine ends...

Good luck. We get the message every few weeks. We haven't replaced the 12v battery yet, which sounds like it is a common problem when the 12v battery is older. Good to know about the hex key.
Good day all. Does anyone know how fast the 12v accessory battery is charged from the traction battery by the DC DC converter (power delivery module, PDM) in the 2014-2017 Mercedes B-Class EV? I was thinking of getting a power inverter for emergency use, but I don't want to waste money on something overkill that can discharge more power from the 12v battery than the PDM can supply back to it. I see that the figure for Kia Soul and Nissan Leaf is 1.7kW, but I cannot find this info for our car. Thanks in advance.
Recently got this dreaded "without restarting engine again, consult workshop" message. The car is slated to go into workshop tomorrow.
It is 2015 vehicle with 63k miles on it. We had issues with battery and "charger" previously and both have been replaced under warranty.
I am concerned whether the RCA is a battery/DU/Charger issue or the 12v battery issue given the age.
Will update this thread when I find out more.
My dealer had the car for 92 days to replace the main battery. They never maintained the battery so it went down to ZERO. Although they used the batteries replacement warranty from the local autoparts store and put in a free new battery, once I got the car back it never seemed to charge the battery. Now I use a trickle charger to keep it maintained while I am looking for the correct fix. Any Ideas, any way I can prove the dealer caused the problem?