Is a 2014 B-class really worth only $3,000 ?

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Jun 23, 2015
Hi everyone. Curious what your experience is trying to sell a 10-year old B-class.

Today my white 2014 B-class passed 75,000 miles. I used it as my commuter car for 9 years (Sep 2014 to Sep 2023, but not much during COVID). I've recently retired and so I don't really need this car now. BUT the KBB value (which was quoted by my Mercedes dealer as what they would pay as a trade-in) is about $4,600. That surprised me, especially since the car qualifies for a 30% tax credit (so someone paying $5,000 for the car would get a $1,500 tax refund).

The car runs fine. I've replaced desiccant cartridges 7 times, every 10,000 miles. I had to change the starter battery in 2023 at 74,000 miles and in 2017 at 31,000 miles. Otherwise, thankfully, no issues with the car - no bearing replacement at 40,000 like so many unlucky souls. I hate to pay $1,000 a year for insurance on a car I'm not driving, but I don't want to sell a functional Mercedes for $4,000 either. Any thoughts?

Somewhat related topic: does anyone know how to determine how much battery efficiency remains? When new, the car reliably traveled 100 miles on a charge outside of winter cold weather. Currently, the battery delivers 85-90 miles of range.