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Mar 9, 2019
Hi Guys,

i am an i3 owner from Germany, thinking to trade it in for the B250e.
Its a 11/2016 model at 18k miles.
It will have a 2 year warranty by Benz, yet I still want to see what the top 10 Technical issues are in this model?
What are your experiences. What should I look out for?

My main question is:
Why the hell did Mercedes not communicate the sales of this model??
I never heard of it, neve saw an Ad or test drive video..

I have been looking and driving EVs since 2012. Was totally surprised when I stumbled upon the B250e. Thought it was another cheatin Hybrid again :mrgreen:

Thanks for your insights in advance :!:

The simple answer to your last question is that Mercedes only produced limited numbers of these cars only to meet compliance requirements in order to sell ICE cars in certain jurisdictions. So zero marketing other than by dealers to get the ones they were stuffed with off their lots in a hurry. When I leased my 2014, me along with others got a really nice discount off the MSRP. Less so when I leased by 2017. So no reason for them to market a limited edition compliance vehicle. Unlike BMW who did up your i3, MB just combined the ICE B-Class on top of a Tesla motor and battery. Of course, going forward, MB has made a big deal about a broad offering of electric vehicles across their line. Look at it this way, if customers are willing to pay more for electric vehicles vs a comparable ICE vehicle, are they wrong to pursue this? You live in Europe which is way ahead of the US in terms of conservation initiatives. Tesla sells the cool factor in addition to speed along with pure electric. MB will sell its luxury factor along with speed and with pure electric.

As to your first question, just peruse the technical section of this forum and read the ones with the most replies. My list off the top of my head are:

1. Motor failure and replacement under warranty, rare but it happens.
2. Software glitches that require a visit to the dealer to fix.
3. Somewhat limited COMAND system.
4. Range further limited in cold season.
5. No Level 3 charging.

On the other side:

1. MB fit and finish
2. High seating.
3. Roomy seating.
4. Adequate boot.
5. Zippy urban getabout.
Hi jeff!
there is no LIKE button here to hit as gratitude to your reply.
So Ill go with the good ol fashioned THANK YOU!!! :D

I see.. yet another Politically correct movement for the auto industry. At least this gave us the opportunity to get a hold of a nice EV to drive.

Is there any range improvement between the 2014 and 2106 models?

I see most 2014 owners speak of a range up to 110 miles.
The 2016 Looked at had 95% charge with 185 Kilometers range. You think the dealer made an ultra soft drive and charged, to impress me with that range?

My i3 has aprox 120Km, but if I drive it softly after a charge i get a 170km reading,,, which is totally plasmatic :|

You are welcome. Briefly,

1. The 2014s had the extra range button as an option. After that, it was a standard feature. Only buy one that has so you can at your push of a button charge the battery an extra 10% of the Tesla battery. This allows the battery to charge up to 90% of capacity. Normally set to only charge up to 80% of battery to preserve long-term usefulness of battery or to limit the long-term degradation of battery. Speaking of that, you should have the dealer show you the battery report so you can confirm that the car has retained 96+% of original spec. If not, move on.

2. Hah, that range is only possible if they drove the car to the top of a mountain, reset the Guess o Meter, and then coasted down the mountain back to the dealer. Figure during temperate months a range of up to 100 miles and in cold weather a reduced range of 65 miles. As an experienced electric driver of an i3, you know that range in all electrics is a function of size of battery relative to weight of car, temperature, aggressive vs gentle driving, and average speed. Newbies always get lower range as it is so much fun to zip off the mark effortlessly. You have passed the Newbie stage.
Hi Jeff,
wow that sure puts it in a whole new perspective.
from all media I got the feeling this is a 200km range EV.
95 miles is the same i get from my 60Ah i3 ... When I drive it, :p
My wife barely gets 70 miles. Only drawback on my i3 is the charger is only level one and I can't get a full faster charge than under 6 hours. :cry:

I dearly appreciate the time you took in helping me out.
wish you all the best... and will keep you updated if anything changes with my purchase choice. :geek:

The correct way to think about the B250e is a luxury version of your i3 with these differences.

1. No gas range extender (do you use?)
2. MB luxury features.
3. More room in B250e.
4. Faster charging? It sounds like the same, 20% per hour.
5. No more sharing the electric with wife.

For $25K or less, a really nice commuter car particularly if one has a garage to charge overnight and to keep the car warm.
If you Google "b-class vs. bmw i3" you'll find a great many head-to-head comparisons. I can't find it now, but the most memorable one I read talked about how much more comfortable the Mercedes was, especially the rear seats and space.

Most of the i3's here in the USA seem to have CCS fast-charging capability. I believe if you have 3-phase Level 2 charging, that is faster than what we have here. But no B-Classes have anything beyond Level 2.

You will also have a wider selection of tires to choose from than the i3, which has a funny size.

I second everything JeffRay says. I replaced a 2018 Chevy Volt with a 2014 B-Class and feel like I've stepped up to a new level of comfort and performance.
Hey Jeff n Hall,
Thank you both very much for your time!

Yes, fact is the Mercedes is much more of a car with features that the bmw falls very short.

My main issues with the i3 are:
Short range (winter at 50 miles)
Long charge time (top 6 hours for full charge)
Suicide doors (only fun at first)
4 seater
No large trunk
Nearing tire change (prices are crazy)

Funny enough, I was convinced the b class had a 200 km range. Couple of reviews claim so and the one I saw live had 183 range on the dash at 98% charge.

Truth is I am convinced of the upgrade. but still thinking if investing 15 grand (difference between i3 and b class) will make sense.

The ev is driven just by my wife.
I’ll keep you posted if I manage to get a better deal on it;)

Hey Jeff,
been scanning the net to get as much info as possible.
Stumbled on this Swiss fella who did a range test.

Now I know how the dealer got the B class to show 183km of range on the dash.
He simply reseted the trip computer. That’s what the Swiss guy did in the vid. The rage went from 113km to 193km on the dash.


When you guys claim a 90 mile range.
Is that in E or E+ Mode?

I never did a full test but with my driving habits, when I fully charge using the range extender, the GOM says 96 most of the time, once in a while it read 100 miles. This is the GOM, not an actual run down test. Deduct 1/9th to calculate without range extender adding 10%.

In any case, I have learned to top up at every opportunity when the charge drops below 50%.
Thanx Jeff.
I too use every opportunity to charge up even when I am at 80%

Our home town offers free charging so I have been driving for over 2 years for free. ;)

I have a range of 100-120 km but I have never driven it at any other Mode than eco+

Quite frankly, I don’t need any other mode.
Only when we get freezing temperatures I use eco for the heating. Although I mostly precondition and the car is Never cold at start.
When I first got my B-class over 4 years ago, I also considered the BMW i3. It definitely seemed more efficient and high-tech. No doubt it is more efficient and lightweight, and gets a similar range compared to B-class despite having a smaller battery capacity. But the deciding factor for me was interior space. I could barely wedge my 2 kids’ car seats in the back of the i3, and the rear-facing infant seat wouldn’t fit except with the passenger seat adjusted all the way forward (even then, it was marginal). The back seat of the i3 is simply not useful for families. And despite the high-tech minimalistic look of the i3 interior, the B-class definitely has a step up to a more comfortable and conventional luxury look.

The lease on my second B-class ends this year. I have to say that I’m tiring of the very limited range, especially in winter. As much fun as it is strategize my charging and “play the game”, there have definitely been a few times when I haven’t been able to make a trip I would have liked to because the range was way too limited. I’m seriously considering a used Tesla to replace my B-class... Teslas with 85kWh batteries are now available for under $40k.

Hey there. Ditto as to your thinking between the two as my twins are now 13 (were 9 when I leased the 2014). They liked daddy's new rental car having found the rear seat of the roadster just a little snug.

So even I have watched a lot of YouTube videos on the T3 and will watch the T-Y. I spec'd out online the AWD no options at $47K. I sat in a Performance model my friend got last year and a six footer was in the back seat no issue. Videos suggest the boot is small. My lease runs out in November so the T3 is the only T option as I am not sure the T-Y is coming online in that time frame.

I am considering buying my B250e used either directly from the dealer or when it goes up on auction. Targeting a purchase price of $19K. Having used our car for an urban getabout, I am getting real good at managing regular top ups.

But the fun part is looking at all the offerings as they come up. Have seen the I-Pace and the Bolt. I had kept knocking my head when getting in/out of the I-Pace back seat but I won't be sitting back there. The Bolt is well a Chevy. Want to see the T-Y, the MB EQC and maybe the Hyundai Kona, although video reviewers say the back seat is like a sub-compact.
The I-Pace has arrived at my local Jaguar dealer (next door to the M-B dealer). I went over and sat in one. Yes, the roofline is way too low for easy entrance into the rear seats. Maybe if I was younger and more flexible I could deal with it, but this was a $90,000 car I was looking at.

Things like memory-front seats were an option! Front trunk looked comparable to a Tesla Model S, about like an i3 maybe. Rear cargo space looked OK, but no space beneath the trunk floor.

I guess my problem with it is that the size and performance are like a Model S, but the price is like a Model X.

I too wish M-B would focus on a new B-Class for their new EV, but I'm afraid it will be more like the I-Pace.

As disillusioned as I am by Dieselgate, if VW will ever actually make an EV it might be interesting. This news is promising:
"Volkswagen I.D. Hatchback pre-orders to start May 8 in Europe"
I agree what VW did was a shame with the diesel scam. Then again what is truly pure in our world?
The food we eat? the air we breathe or the news we read?? Just cause its not made another headline doesn't mean it's saint.

But quite frankly, the quality VW has is unbeatable! I was dealing cars in the past. The VWs with over 200K miles on them were as good as new, when all other brands had serious signs of wearing.

The Bolt or Ampera ist a range cheater. More of a hybrid than an EV. Plus they have massive technical issues. Not to mention the poor construction quality.

For now I fear that the I.D. is similar to the i3. (notice the same sounding when you pronounce it) :mrgreen:
VW will come with great EVs in the future. Looking at their "T" in EV release, I know the future, bright it is, in that one :)

I have put up my i3 for sale... Looking forward in getting my B with brown leather interior :cool:
I’ve been driving my 250e since just before Christmas and, apart from a crazy charging problem, it’s a superb car. I’m in the UK and the standard range I regularly achieve is between 60 and 70 miles, depending on ambient temperature. To extend the range, just switch into E+ mode and you get about 20% more with a consequential reduction in performance. I have used the booster occasionally too.
Compared with my CLS 350d it is a bit dull to drive and waddles owing to the weight of the battery pack. It’s old-fashioned comfort with good quality build that you would expect from MB. I love the regent paddles, and I drive using just this and the accelerator, only using the brakes to come to a stop.
Downsides? Only the slow charging rate, the Type 2 fast charger takes 5 to 6 hours to recharge from almost zero to full (80%) charge. That said, most of my journeys are less than 60 miles, so the limited range is not an issue.
But, if I leave the car plugged in to my Chargemaster fast charger, the 12 volt battery is flat in the morning. Despite much investigation, my local dealer seems unable to find the fault. Although, it could be the charger, but Chargemaster have been on site and tested their charger, giving it a clean bill of health.
Hope this helps, and I lease the car so I can return it when the EQC becomes available!
Thanx Mike!
Did you say 5-6 hours for a full charge?

I thought the standard is 2,5-3 hours?!!

Can anyone second this fact?
I think that depends on how many kW the charger is, on a 10kW charger 2-3 hours is good to go.. on many public chargers I've used at 6.6kW it would be more like 4 - 5.