What did you do with your b class today?

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Dec 20, 2023
I thought a general check in thread would be cool.

What did you do to/on your b-class today? Take a trip? Just ride around? Did you work on it?

Let us all know what you did, no matter how small.
It is our runaround car with a 60-80 mile range depending on the weather. Ninety-nine percent not of our use is less than 10 miles, doctor, restaurant, shopping, etc. Been perfect for the last seven years. Biggest complaint are the horrible maps that are no longer updated and no software updates. I think so few were manufactured that MB has washed their hands of this vehicle.
We have had this car for two years now and use it to run into town and back (about a ten mile round trip). It suits us really well as a second car and so far have had no problems.